You are now entering the world of tomorrow, a world where our dear Earth was since long worn out by wars and plagues. Long ago mankind were forced to abandon their home world in favour for other planets, in desperate need to find resources that by now had been totally consumed on Earth.

One of the reasons for the many wars was that society split up into small groups of different interests. As science continued to make progress, the American Way lost its hegemonic position on the world when several groups claimed to have the ultimate solution for the future of Earth. These were, among other less successful ideas, The Cyberpunx, The Biotech Godzillas, The SpaceRastas and The Shadows. (Read separate file for more information on lifestyles)

As the different communities fled out into space to settle new homes, new wars emerged, as everyone wanted to inhabit the richest planets. The life of constant wars, lasting generation after generation, made small groups of people leave the wretched places of their home worlds to find their way in space. Small federations of ships lived their vagabond lives going from one place to another to find resources without the interference of their former governments.

One may think these small convoys lived a quiet life of peace, some actually did, but most of them started to wage war against other convoys in their struggle for richness, becoming what they had hated in their former governments. But there was one difference. Alliances started to form between convoys whose members´┐Ż had chosen different lifestyles. As Cyberpunk and Biotech Godzilla governments fought against each other to dominate a certain planet, two convoys of the very same lifestyles could be working together to fight another convoy. However, even though people of different lifestyles respected each other, they strictly kept their separate ways of life.


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