One of the most important things to understand in the part of the universe we call Ledzar is the concept of vectors. Due to the instable flow of energy, and fluctuations in the room of space, physical places tend to change places a little now and then. You will realize yourself transferred from one vector to another on regular basis. Now one may fear that all the ships in the convoy will be shattered and split up to different parts of space each time the space fluctuates, but fortunately that is not the case. Due to advanced electromagnetic fields that are emitted from the ships, which make the convoy become one unit, they will always stay together.

Here emerges another possibility; several convoys can also be linked together and follow each other through the jumps in space. However, these field emitters drain so much power from the ships that only three convoys can be linked together in the same time without overloading the system of the ships. So when two or three ships decide they have a common interest, they can form an alliance and thereby make sure they´┐Żll always stay together through the space fluctuations.

While all vectors seem to behave the same, there is one that differs: The Origo vector. This is the vector you will find yourself in when entering the Ledzar universe. The physical laws of this vector makes it impossible to attack or operate on other convoys, so you should adapt your strategy in this vector based on this information.


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