In order to hire specialists and buy fancy space ships you will need credits. The easy way to earn credits is by undertaking missions for people on nearby planets. To start with, you will only be offered the freight iron ore mission, but as you take more missions, and your specialists research more, people will trust you to do more advanced missions as well. In addition to the standard missions, each vector also offer you to carry out a special vector mission.

When accepting a mission, you will be asked how much of your free storage you want to use for the mission; the more storage you set aside, the more money you�ll get. As you carry out the mission, the amount of storage you entered will be occupied with goods �til the mission is fully accomplished. So make sure you don�t occupy storage you would like to use for other things during the mission, like building generators or hiring new specialists for instance.

The missions you will be able to accept are:

Freight iron ore
(10 days, 700 credits/area; 100 in advance)
Could it get simpler? All you have to do is to freight a certain amount of iron ore from one place to another. There is one drawback though; with ore in your storage your military will not be able to fight as well as usual.
+10% attack time, -5% military defence

Freight medical equipment
(4 days, 125 credits/area; 50 in advance)
Medical equipment is something that needs to be shipped fast. Though it is not as well paid as the ore mission, it goes much faster. However, medical equipment is of highest priority, so you must have your military ships protecting the convoy while carrying this mission out.
You are not allowed to attack

Escort ambassador
(16 days, 1200 credits/area; 100 in advance)
Although the governments pay you well to escort politicians, they are not popular at all among the crew of you ship. The bare thought of having to bear with the presence of these dirt bags lowers the morale dramatically.
-30 moral

Escort military convoy
(15 days, 500 credits/area; 100 in advance)
After a raid against government territory, the local militias often hire convoys they encounter to safely guide them home. This means they�ll be forced to help you if you are attacked as well.
+10% military defence, +30% attack time.

Liquidate pirates
(12 days, 400-1300 credits/area; 200 in advance)
When someone feels they have too much trouble with space pirates, they often turn to the vagabond convoys with a cry for help. In each cry for help there is a small reward to him or her that kills the pirates. However, there is almost always a substantional amount of cash in the pirate just laying around, so the money you earn can vary from mission to mission. Of course, while carrying this mission out you cannot attack another convoy, and your defence will be weakened.
You are not allowed to attack, -5% military defence, random reward.

Ganja Smuggling
(10 days, 1200 credits/area; 0 in advance)
There is always someone in need of weed someplace, and shipping the good stuff can bring in a lot of cash. But due to the character of this mission, it is only trusted to the SpaceRastas.
Only available for SpaceRastas after succesful operation

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Vector Missions:

No Hope: Help colony of idiots
(14 days, 700 credits/area; 100 in advance)
The Vector of No Hope is no place to be, but don�t despair, there is a way out. If you accept to help local people they might let you use a worm hole generator to escape to another vector.
Moves convoy to another vector (your alliance does not follow you until next vector fluctuation)

Two suns: Freight mine equipment
(12 days, 700 credits/area; 100 in advance)
The Vector of Two Suns is known for its great supplies of energies and crystal mines. If you carry out a mission for local communities, they�ll not only pay you cash but also give you some of the top crystals available.
Gives 3 crystals/ae

Zion: Freight musical equipment
(12 days, 700 credits/area; 100 in advance)
In Zion - the heart of rasta culture - ganja and reggae music are the essential parts of life. The only missions you will carry out here is transportations of weed and musical equipment. This pleasant environment most often affects your crew�s morale to the better.
+5 moral


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