The necessary resources in Ledzar are food, crystals and credits.

Food is simply the thing you and your crew eat, and it is produced in the farms on your transport ships. Each farm will produce 20 food/day, and a farm will take 2 area units of your storage area.

Crystals are the fuel of your ships. It is produced in the generators on your transport ships. Each generator will produce 5 crystals/day, and a generator will take 2 area units of your storage area.

Credit is the name of the currency in Ledzar. Now one may think there is machinery to produce credits as well, but that is not the case. To get credits you will actually have to work by taking missions. (see separate file)

Besides keeping track of your resources you should always try to keep the crew morale at high levels. This will for instance prove good during an attack. The higher the crew morale is, the more enemy scientists and mercenaries will be persuaded to join your convoy. You should also remember that a happy crew will complain less on working conditions, leading to that the union wont demand as high salaries. You can actually lower the salaries by 50%!

Almost every crewmember demands a certain amount of cash and food to perform his or her work, and ships need crystals for fuel. And as if that were not enough, 3% of your food and crystals will decay each day.

DDR-4520 credits1 food1 crystal
JAS-3920 credits1 food1 crystal
Shuttle10 credits-1 crystal
Manticore-10 food-
Neuromancer--3 crystals
Kingston Cruiser-4 food1 crystal
Umbra-5 food1 crystal
Transport ship--1 crystal
Specialist10 credits1 food-
Operator10 credits1 food-

Always make sure not to run out of food, crystals or credits. Your crew will not appreciate being without food or salaries, and your ships will not function very well without the fuel power crystals give. If you should run out of crystals, you should be prepared for the ships to malfunction, thus resulting in attacks and missions taking three times as long as usual. And if you should run out of food and/or credits, the union will announce a general strike where your operators will refuse to offer more operations, your specialists wont do any work at all and the crew morale will drop to almost zero. Without food and/or credits, the concentration of your military crew will drop, making them perform worse in combat, and they will refuse to engage in offensive combat.

Disadvantages at strike:
-10% defence (-20% defence if you are out of both credits and food), morale = 1, you�re not able to attack.

If you run out of credits, you will be indebted at a maximum of NW�20.


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