Science is a way to gain upper hand of your opponents. By hiring science specialists you�ll be able to increase the efficiency of your ships and your crew. Each day your specialists will accomplish a certain amount of science points which compared to the size of your convoy will get you a certain science percentage bonus. Certain activities such as attacks, operations and more can also give you a small amount of scientifical experience.

Here follows a list of what the specific specialist can accomplish:

Radar Supervisor
The radar supervisor will improve your ships� radar technology so that approaching hostile ships can be discovered more easily. This gives your ships a defensive advantage since there will be more time organize the defence.
Max: +20% defensive military strength

Assault Weapons Engineer
As you can tell by the name, the assault weapons engineer upgrades your ships� weapons to increase the offensive power.
Max: +20% offensive military strength

The warehouseman will organize the cargo bays in the transport ships, allowing you to use your storage space more efficiently.
Max: +50% storage space

Stealth Specialist
The stealth specialist will train and equip your operators, increasing their efficiency. Besides improving the skills of current operations, the stealth specialists will teach your operators new useful operations.
Max: +50% operator efficiency.

Rocket Engineer
As space is very big, your rocket engineers will do their best to decrease the time it takes to travel from one place to another by increasing the efficiency of your engines. This allows you to complete missions more rapidly, and it will make your assault teams come home quicker.
Max: -50% attack/mission time

PR Manager
As we all know, there are no good leaders, you are no exception. But to gain the trust of your crew you can hire PR managers and thereby make sure to keep the morale in the ship high.
Max: (basic morale: 100)

Energy Shield Supervisors
When going into battle, it is unavoidable that some of your military units will be destroyed. By hiring energy shield supervisors you can minimize the number of casualties.
Max: -40% battle losses


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