Fleeing from the wars of your former governments, you will realize that battle is the best way to grow big in this world. Producing things yourself will cost a lot of credits and take a long time. Preferably, you�ll just nick it from someone else.

If you manage to break through another convoy�s defence you will be able to steal not only a certain amount of transport ships but specialists, credits, crystals, food, and you may even manage to convince a certain amount of mercenaries to join you in stead of that loser they failed to protect from your powerful fleet.

One thing you should be aware of is that your troops like challenges in war; they don�t want a wimp commander ordering them to attack too small convoys. If you should give such an order anyway, you should should be aware of that your troops will be a bit apathic and not bring back as much loot as they would normally. You should also know that attacking convoys much smaller than your own might provoke the smaller convoy to blast the transportships you�re about to capture into pieces if they sence they will loose.

All attacks are launched from the War Committee, so that�s the place to go when you want to engage in combat. Pick someone to attack and select how many ships you want to send, and press engage. Now you may wonder how many ships you should send, and that is something you should consult your operators to find out. (see the Operator file for more info)


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