When finding your way to be the biggest convoy in the region, the choice of lifestyle is very important. Different groups of people tend to look at the world from different aspects, giving them pros and cons, as well as unique abilities.

Biotech Godzillas
As science discovered the secrets of the human genes and DNA, this group of people wanted to create genetically engineered humans. Prototypes were developed in secret laboratories during the civil wars, and strong mutants who fought well were �manufactured�. But this is not the whole story. As time passed on, these mutant offsprings started to hate everything of mechanical origin, thus everything they now developed were actually living creatures. As the colonial era began, the Biotech Godzillas developed spaceships of living tissue, and grew genetically designed living houses on their new planets. As they cared much for every life form they developed, this lifestyle became very defensive so that no unnecessary lives would be spilled in raids.

Hostile to all the technology of Babylon, the rastafari culture relied on ganja farming and the powers of Jah. It was not until the Earth was completely uninhabitable that they sought the technology to build rockets, fleeing into space. As the SpaceRastas started to advance in knowledge they created powerful weapons to destroy the ones responsible for the destruction of their beloved home of Jamaica. Convinced that �attack is the best defence�, they constructed powerful weapons rather than shield systems for protection. This makes the SpaceRastas very powerful assaulters, even when they�re completely stoned.

A group of hackers and quake nerds went in the opposite direction of the mutants. With a love for computers and logic circuits, this group developed complex robots to fight for them. During the war on Earth they had created a system to control robots so that they, living behind their computer screens, could play real-life quake. Forced to evacuate Earth they constructed large ships with artificial intelligences to protect their house-ships. Even though these ships could not measure themselves to the defence of the Biotech ships, or the assault power of the SpaceRasta ship, they were all in all the strongest ships.

Little is known about the mysterious shadows. They sneaked in to the known parts of the Ledzar universe so quietly that no one really knows when they first appeared. No Shadow home vector is known, nor have any official Shadow commander tried to establish diplomatic relations with governments of other lifestyles. The Shadows are quite a quiet brand of people. They seem mainly to be observers of the Ledzar universe, but have proven capabilities to strike with impressive strenght when provoked. Some survivers of Shadow assaults tell ghost stories of being attacked by ships belonging to pilots since long thought to have been swallowed by the jaws of vector time eruption...


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