You are now entering the world of tomorrow, a world where our dear Earth was since long worn out by wars and plagues. Long ago mankind were forced to abandon their home world in favour for other planets, in desperate need to find resources that by now had been totally consumed on Earth. One of the reasons for the many wars was that society split up into small groups of different interests. As science continued to make progress, the American Way lost its hegemonic position on the world when several groups claimed to have the ultimate solution for the future of Earth. These were, among other less successful ideas, the Biotech Godzillas, the SpaceRastas and the Cyberpunx. As the different communities fled out into space to settle new homes, new wars emerged...

Read the guide for more information on the Ledzar universe.

 What is Ledzar?
Ledzar is a text-based sci-fi webgame where you play aganst people from all over the world. Each round of Ledzar, called generation, goes on for about 2 months, but you can create an account at any point in the game. When a generation is over there is a restart where all accounts are reset. To play Ledzar, it is required that you log in to your account a little now and then to build ships, hire personnel and so forth. We recommend that you log in at least once a day.

The game is completely free of charge and contains no pop-ups or ads in any form. Enjoy!
 Ledzar is up and running again!
After a long period of calm and silent slumber, activity is yet again reported from the Ledzar universe. More and more convoys are steering their ships into space each day. Trade and communications are prospering, as are warfare. Groups of biotechs, cyberpunx, rastas and shadows yet again roam the void. Will you be one of them?

/The Ledzar Crew, April 2009

 Current game
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New generation on the go. Who can catch up to Flying Wodka?

Ledzar Beta II Generation 14 started!

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A long wait is over. The game is on!
Ledzar Beta II Generation 13 started!

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